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The NEW TEKS Checklist cards are designed to make sure all aspects of the TEKS are covered in both classroom instruction, as well as, assessments.

Practice Books 

Published in student and teacher editions. 


  • Specifications from TEA Identified for Focused Instruction
  • Math Vocabulary Listed with Each Standard
  • Teaching Models and Problem Solving Process for Each Strategy

Readiness And Supporting Standards

  • Readiness Standards Focused
  • Supporting Standards Introducing or Reinforcing Concepts

STAAR Format/Thinking

  • Underlying Processes and Mathematical Tools Linked to Each TEKS
  • 75% of Questions are Problem Solving
  • Instructional Strategies for each Standard addressed to Teachers for "Creating Mathematical Minds"
  • Depth of Each Standard Described to Teacher Before Instruction
  • Four Step Process of Problem Solving Outlined and Explained
  • Strategies for Problem Solving Each Addressed Separately to Develop As Math Tools
  • Varied Answer Responses as Number Sentences and Verbal Descriptions of Strategy
  • 30 Years Experience Writing Practice Materials for TABS, TEAMS, TAAS, AND TAKS







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